Laputa Lab

A computer vision & augmented reality company


Real-time tracking

By enabling face tracking in real time, our technology allows 3D reconstruction of human face for augmented reality effects.

High accuracy and robustness

By adopting the latest cutting edge technologies, we allow highly accurate tracking with minimum failure.

Designed for monocular cameras

Designed for mobile cameras and webcams, we allow various applications to change the way human and machine interact with each other.


Potential use cases

  • Virtual try-on system

    Virtual try-on is a new way to allow users to try different things on their face, such as glasses, sun glasses, earrings, cosmetics, etc.

  • Immersive 3D gaming

    3D gaming can use our technology to the face movements and facial expressions to do all kinds of cool effects.

  • 3D animation

    We can replace human face with 3D animated figures, useful for applications in real time video chat and other applications.

  • Smart home and home security system

    Our technology can be used in survelance camera and other biometrics applications to replace traditional security systems.

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